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About this toolkit

Welcome to the National Disability Research Partnership (NDRP) Communications Toolkit!


This resource has been developed for disability organisations, research institutions and others to help us share information with people with disability and researchers about the NDRP.


We will add new content, videos and graphics to this web page when it becomes available. If you would like to be notified when updates to this communication toolkit are available, please email

The toolkit includes:


We will continue to add resources to the toolkit as they become available.​​​


Style guide

Shareable content

Social media content

The National Disability Research Partnership and a graphical representation of five people around a table. There are also icons of a book, a magnifying glass and a document.

Partnering with NDRP

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We're excited to be working with the #NDRP, making sure inclusive disability research is a priority for all Australia. 💡📚

Find out more at

The National Disability Research Partnership logo and an orange icon of a microphone on a dark blue background. There are pink, grey and purple ribbons in the top right corner

What is the NDRP

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What is the National Disability Research Partnership?
A research partnership led by and done with people with disability.

  • To fund research about topics most important to people with disability.

  • To strengthen disability research capacity so it is inclusive.

  • To build evidence for more informed policies and services.

Find out more at


Watch this explainer video to find out more about the National Disability Research Partnership. 🎥✨

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