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Learnings and recommendations report

We are pleased to share our National Disability Research Partnership Learnings and Recommendations report. The report has recommendations for setting up and running a National Disability Research Partnership. It is based on feedback from the disability community and a range of other stakeholders who have contributed during our Establishment Phase. 

Read our blog post about the release of the report here: A step closer to inclusive disability research.

The report is available in three formats:


Full Report

National Disability Research Partnerships

Learnings and Recommendations

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Easy read summary of the report

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Learnings and Recommendations

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Governance recommendation: who should run the NDRP and how?

This outlines our recommendations for who should run the NDRP, how and why – known as our governance approach. It is designed to reflect the NDRP Principles and includes recommendations on corporate structure, membership, the Board, Board committees and intellectual property. It should be read together with the Learnings and Recommendations report. 

Read the report here: 

Building research capacity

One of the aims of the National Disability Research Partnership is to build disability research capacity. First we clarified what we mean by research capacity, then we asked people what good research capacity would look like, and now we are developing a plan for how we can get there.

Read the reports here: Disability research capacity

Feedback summary

This is a simple outline of what people told us about how to make the NDRP work well. Click here to read what people told us: feedback summary

What's next?

These are the next stages for the NDRP. Check our website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and keep an eye out for our communication campaign to tell people about the NDRP - coming late November. 

Preliminary research agenda

Coming November 2022


To tell people about the NDRP and what it means for them


Coming November 2022

Call for interest in joining the NDRP as a member

Early 2023

Director nominations

Call for nominations for Directors and election process.

Early 2022

Launch of NDRP

NDRP Board announced and NDRP officially launched


Mid 2023