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At the end of the NDRP Establishment Phase (June 2022), the NDRP Working Party published a series of recommendations for setting up and running a National Disability Research Partnership. An independent evaluation of the Establishment Phase was published in March 2023 with feedback on achievements and suggestions for the NDRP's development.

Learnings and recommendations report

This report has recommendations for setting up and running a National Disability Research Partnership. It is based on feedback from the disability community and a range of other stakeholders who contributed during our Establishment Phase (2020-2022). There are two reports: Learnings and Recommendations (including an easy read version) and a Governance Recommendation: Who should run the NDRP and how. 

Read our blog post about the release of the report here: A step closer to inclusive disability research.

Preliminary research agenda

The NDRP research agenda is being developed to guide the allocation of research funding by the NDRP over a ten-year time period.​ it will outline the priority topics and themes that are important to the disability community. Once complete, the NDRP research agenda will be the foundation for the NDRP to deliver on its vision. We have developed this preliminary research agenda to help inform the final agenda. It draws on findings from a three-phase agenda-setting research project. 

Read the reports below or click here for more information: preliminary research agenda


A short, 12 page summary of the preliminary research agenda with topics and diagrams

Full report

A full report including background, context, preliminary questions and next steps

Easy read

Easy read early research agenda

​Building disability research capacity

One of the aims of the National Disability Research Partnership is to build disability research capacity. First we clarified what we mean by research capacity, then we asked people what good research capacity would look like, and now we are developing a plan for how we can get there.

Read the reports here: Disability research capacity

Independent evaluation report

This independent evaluation of the NDRP Establishment Phase provides feedback on achievements and suggestions for the NDRP's development. 

Read the evaluation report here: National Disability Research Partnership process evaluation report

​Feedback summary

This is a simple outline of what people told us about how to make the NDRP work well. Click here to read what people told us: feedback summary

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