NDRP principles:

High quality, collaborative research

  • Become a world-leading driver of disability research that builds an evidence base

  • Advance disability research in Australia by delivering on the national disability research agenda 

  • Draw on expertise across Australia through collaborative research teams

  • Collaborative approach to finessing research questions 

People with disability at centre

  • Research that recognises the diversity of disability and addresses the priorities of people with disability and their families as outlined in the national disability research agenda

  • Research led by and done in partnership with people with disability

  • Genuine, paid for, co-design and co-production 

Valuing all forms of knowledge 

  • Valuing knowledge creation from many different sources

  • Knowledge that is accessible to the community: including journal articles, podcasts, videos and easy read summaries

  • Australian policy will be informed by research and evidence 

Building research capability

  • Build a vibrant, connected and thriving disability research ecosystem

  • Create career pathways and targeted support for researchers with disability 

  • Building capacity of the disability sector to create and use knowledge

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