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Our research agenda is being developed to guide the allocation of research funding by the NDRP over a ten-year time period.​ it will outline the priority topics and themes that are important to the disability community. 

Once complete, the NDRP research agenda will be the foundation for the NDRP to deliver on its vision. It will guide NDRP funding for collaborative and inclusive disability research led by and with people with disability. This research will build evidence for disability policy and practice in Australia.

Preliminary research agenda

The preliminary research agenda is available in three versions:


A short, 12 page summary of the preliminary research agenda with topics and diagrams

Full report

A full report including background, context, preliminary questions and next steps

Easy read

Easy read early research agenda

We have developed this preliminary research agenda to help inform the final agenda. It draws on findings from a three-phase agenda-setting research project (see below).

Read our blog post about the release of the preliminary research agenda here: Researching what’s important to people with disability.


We have sought feedback on the preliminary research agenda, and are now developing the final NDRP Research Agenda. We look forward to sharing this with you in October/November 2023. 

Agenda setting research project

We commissioned the University of Sydney, together with a large group of researchers and community organisations to look at research gaps and ask the disability community about research priorities.


The agenda setting research involved three phases: 

  1. Mapping recent Australian research related to people with disability 

  2. Consult with people with disability and a range of other stakeholders to identify key issues 

  3. Synthesise and refine findings from the first two phases.

Click the links below to read the reports (includes easy read summary) on each of these phases:

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