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About the NDRP


The vision for the National Disability Research Partnership (NDRP) is to facilitate a collaborative and inclusive disability research program that builds the evidence for developing policy and practice decisions. 

It should aim to achieve this by:

  • funding research that is informed by the NDRP research agenda which has been developed with stakeholders

  • ensuring all research is done by and with people with disability

  • strengthening disability research capacity

  • supporting the uptake of research findings into policy and practice.

The NDRP will be guided by the NDRP principles

Establishment Phase

A two-year Establishment Phase was tasked with setting up the structure and processes for a longer-term disability research partnership in Australia. This phase was steered by a Working Party made up of advocates, academics and independent advisors; six of the 13 members have a disability. The Establishment Phase ran from June 2020 to June 2022, during which the NDRP Working Party reached out to the disability community  for advice and feedback.

Our Learnings and Recommendations report details recommendations for setting up and running a National Disability Research Partnership, based on feedback from a range of stakeholders.

Transition Phase

In December 2021, the Australian Government announced funding of $12.5 million to fully establish a National Disability Research Partnership over 2022-23 to 2024-25. Between the end of the Establishment Phase and the start of the enduring NDRP, an eight-month Transition Phase from August 2022 to June 2023 will allow the NDRP Working Party to continue its work and ensure the enduring NDRP is ready to start from June 2023. 

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