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The NDRP’s governance structure was agreed to after many months of consultation with the disability community and government, and approved by the Australian Government in November 2023.  

The Board will be made up of a majority of people with disability (including the Chair). All directors will be appointed in line with a skills and experience matrix. All independent directors will be paid for their time.  

Read the constitution here: NDRP Constitution 


Membership is open to organisations that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has a primary purpose of conducting research, including a focus on disability policy and practice relevant research

  • Has a primary purpose of advocating for people with disability, their families and carers

  • Is a national peak organisation that represents: 

    • disability service providers,

    • professional groups providing services to people with disability, or 

    • employees providing services to people with disability.

  • Distributes funds for charitable purposes (e.g. foundations); or

  • Is a Commonwealth, State or Territory Government body or agency.


The Chair will be a person with disability and be independent of government (that is, not employed by any level of government). The Chair will be appointed by the current Minister for Social Services, after an open expression of interest process led by Australia's Disability Strategy Advisory Council. 

Independent Directors

The board will include at least 3 and up to 8 independent directors. Directors can be any individual (they do not need to be a member of an organisation that is a member of the NDRP). 

  • The first board will include two members of the NDRP Working Party for a term of two years, to provide continuity. 

  • Three directors will be nominated by Disability Representative Organisations (DROs) through an open nomination process coordinated by Disability Advocacy Network Australia. 

  • The remaining independent directors will be appointed by the Nominations Committee of the NDRP board, through an open nomination process and guided by the skills and experience matrix.

​The NDRP Board will make the final decision on independent directors based on recommendations from DROs and the Nominations Committee.

Government-appointed Directors

Two senior government officials with experience in disability policy, appointed by the Minister for Social Services.


The NDRP’s staff will include at least a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a Program Manager, and an Office Manager. Recruitment for the CEO is underway as of April 2024, aiming for the CEO to be ready to commence work in mid-June. Recruitment for the Program Manager and Office Manager will start in May, aligning the timeline so the CEO can make the final appointment decisions. The CEO, Program Manager and Office Manager will form the initial secretariat, and together with the Board will decide what additional staff is needed to achieve the NDRP’s goals and objectives.  

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