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Positions open now

Independent Directors

Nominate for a director position.

Round one applications closed 

Round two will open in ~July 

Chief Executive Officer

Applications closed 20 May 2024

The First Board

After a three year establishment period, the NDRP will formally launch in mid-2024. If you want to read more about the establishment phase you can do that here: About the NDRP.

The Board will consist of up to 11 directors, of which the majority will be people with disability. The Board make-up is: 

  • Chair of the Board (must be a person with disability)

  • Two government-appointed directors

  • Eight independent directors, of which three will be nominated by Disability Representative Organisations. 

A skills and experience matrix will guide the selection of all directors. See the matrix here: NDRP Skills and Experience matrix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid position?

Yes; all Directors of the NDRP except the government-appointed Directors will be paid for their time. The Chair will be paid $25,000 per year and all the independent directors will be paid $1,000 per meeting, including preparation and follow up. 

Can Directors be based anywhere in Australia?

Yes! The NDRP is initially all online and will try to attract directors from all of Australia. 

How long is a term?

Three years with potential to nominate for a second term. 

How much time will it involve?

We think the Chair role will involve about 5 hours per week, and the other director positions 2-3 per week. 

How many board positions are there?

The NDRP Board will have 11 Director positions. The Board will consist of: the Chair, who must be a person with disability, up to 8 Independent Directors, including 3 nominated by Disabled People's Organisations (DPOs), and up to two government-appointed directors.

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