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What's next for the NDRP?

Based on the work we have been doing over the past two years and all the feedback we received, the NDRP Working Party is developing draft recommendations for how a fully established NDRP could operate. These recommendations will be submitted to the Australian Government. We look forward to sharing the recommendations (including easy read and visual versions) with you after June 2022.

Funding for future NDRP: FAQ

You may have seen our announcement in December about more funding for the next stage of NDRP (link here in case you missed it: $12.5 million to fully establish an NDRP).

We have received a few questions about this and thought we would share our answers.

Q: What is this funding actually for? A: This is for the next phase of NDRP. The current establishment phase ends in June 2022, which was focused on doing the work and consultation needed to set up a new entity. The Australian Government announced funding of $12.5 million over 2022-23 to 2024-25 to fully establish an NDRP to translate research into policy and implement a national disability research agenda.

Q: What happens with NDRP under a Labor Government? We are delighted that NDRP has bipartisan support. The Albanese Labor Government has committed to building evidence with $15 million for a National Disability Research Partnership.

Q: Will there be more funding rounds? Yes: the NDRP will facilitate regular funding rounds to support inclusive disability research that delivers on the priorities set out in the research agenda. The NDRP receives its next round of funding in early 2023, and we anticipate running a funding round sometime in 2023. These funding rounds will be similar to our pilot funding round: research projects must align with the NDRP principles, be done by and with people with disability, address the priority for that round, and can be led by any organisation.

Q: I am a disabled person trying to get into research. Will this mean more opportunities for me? A: Yes, hopefully! All research funded by NDRP will be done by and with people with disability. By making this a condition of NDRP funding we hope to encourage collaborations with community organisations and creative thinking about positions on the research team and leadership opportunities for people with disability.

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