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Interim Directors

The interim directors of the NDRP are in place until the first Board is appointed, in July 2024. Two of the interim directors (Keran and Anne) will continue for a term of two years on the first Board. Three more Directors will join in July, and then we will have a second nomination round for our final three Directors in August. 

Click here for more information about director recruitment. 

Keran Howe.jpg

Keran Howe

Interim Chair

Keran is a social worker who has worked as a leader in the fields of health and disability over many years. As both a practitioner and a person with a disability she has been involved in advising government on policy reform representing issues related to community health, women’s health, violence prevention and the rights of people with disabilities.  

Anne Kavanagh.jpg

Anne Kavanagh

Interim Director

Anne is Chair of Disability and Health at the University of Melbourne. Anne is a public health researcher who researches the social determinants of health inequalities. She has a specific interest in the social determinants of health and wellbeing of people with disabilities. Anne’s lived experience of disability informs her research.

Jackie Leach Scully.jpg

Jackie Leach Scully

Interim Director

Jackie is Professor of Bioethics and Director of the Disability Innovation Institute at the University of New South Wales. Originally a molecular biologist, she spent many years at the University of Basel, Switzerland and at Newcastle University, UK before she moved to Sydney in 2019. Her work in bioethics focuses on the implications of biomedical and life science developments for people with disability. Jackie has been Deaf since childhood, is married to a musician, and has been active in disability rights for over 30 years.

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