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Growing up Making Decisions: When best interests are not in the best interests of young people with disability

This research looked at what supports young people with cognitive impairment need to develop skills to identify what they want and do not want, and make decisions for themselves. The research also tried to understand if this was different for young people living with family and young people living in other settings. 

Many people with disability have not been exposed to independent decision making, having to rely on caregivers through the transition. Failing to help young people build decision-making capacity can have long-term consequences for life choices and may lead to inappropriate permanent guardianship orders.

Working with CYDA and Inclusion Australia, young people with disability, their carers and other stakeholders were interviewed to understand what policies and practices work and what changes are required in three key settings – for young people living with family, living in out of home care, and living in other settings. 

Video summary 
Video: sharing findings 

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