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Key publications now live!

NDRP Research Agenda

The NDRP Research Agenda will guide our research over the next 10 or more years. It will help make sure that disability research is well supported so that we better understand what matters to people with disability and the solutions needed, and provide evidence to help shape the policies and practices that will result in better life outcomes for people with disability.

The Research Agenda was developed over two years in collaboration with people with disability, their representative organisations and allies. Thank you to everyone who so generously contributed their time and insights to develop the Research Agenda.

Visit our research agenda page to check out the Research Agenda, one page summary of research areas and easy read versions.

Strengthening disability research capacity

One of our aims is to strengthen disability research capacity in Australia. We are pleased to release our Strengthening Research Capacity plan.

We recognise that there is already capacity in disability research in Australia. We understand that we need to build on and improve the current capacity to ensure research is disability-inclusive and focuses on what’s important for people with disability.

You can read the Strengthening Research Capacity plan, easy read version and the reports that informed it on our research capacity page.

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If you would like to provide input into the research agenda or any of the core activities outlined here, please subscribe to our mailing list and we will let you know the plan and process for collaboration. 

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