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Feedback on stakeholders

Are any stakeholders missing?
  • Important to recognise the diversity of the disability experience, and how additional supports may be required to be inclusive of people with ID or some cognitive impairments.

  • Professional Associations (such as the Australian Physiotherapist Association or the Australian Psychological Association, Occupational Therapy Australia)

  • This could be strengthened by acknowledging specific groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or people from CALD backgrounds, people in very remote areas. 

  • It would be beneficial to include public advocates and legally appointed guardians employed by State departments.

  • Self advocacy groups; in recognition of their important role upholding human rights but also long history of supporting good practice research in marginalised communities (eg. people with cognitive disability) 

  • Taxpayers - the ones who pay for everything deserve some say 

  • Providers - how can a market develop if no one wants to deliver the pipe dreams of others

  • Commercial entities e.g. transport companies, assistive technology service providers, car manufacturers, housing agencies, etc.

  • Local government as informed policy making is important in all levels of government. 

  • Important to include a mechanism for people not connected with the core organisations to be part of the governance structure.

Members or partners
  • Important that anyone who is listed as a member or stakeholder demonstrates a commitment to the overarching principles, have demonstrated track record of capacity for innovation and evidence-based practice and a demonstrated track record of values based practice with strong stakeholder engagement in governance of their own organisation. There should be a requirement to demonstrate this.

  • Service providers would like NDRP to have good international connections so that Australia can learn from others and not repeat mistakes, especially in relation to workforce development.

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