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Finalising Recommendations

Over the past two years, the NDRP Working Party has been reaching out to the disability community and listening to what people are telling us.


Now we are sharing the feedback we received, along with the draft recommendations we developed based on what people told us. 

How did we get here?

With the establishment phase ending in June this year, we are pleased to share that the Commonwealth Government has invested $12.5 million to fully establish a National Disability Research Partnership.


Over the past two years, the NDRP Working Party has been listening to advice, ideas and feedback about how a future NDRP could best operate. We are pleased to share this feedback and our response: read it all by clicking the link below.

Based on this feedback, the NDRP Working Party has developed draft recommendations for how a fully established NDRP could operate. These recommendations will be submitted to the Australian Government for review and will be published here after 30 June 2022. 

These principles will guide everything the NDRP does. Are they right?


Who should run the NDRP and how?

(coming July)

Research agenda

How will the NDRP facilitate research that delivers on the priorities set out in the research agenda?

(coming July)

Guide to research

How can the NDRP support research that meets the principles? How will findings be translated and shared?

(coming July)

Capacity building

How can the NDRP build research capacity?

(coming July)

What's next?

This final feedback process brings together different voices to refine, improve and finalise the recommendations. 

The revised recommendations will form part of the final report, which will be submitted to the Department of Social Services for review and consideration. This final report will provide guidance on how the future NDRP should operate. 

The long-term NDRP is likely to start in early 2023