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A step closer to inclusive disability research

We are pleased to release the National Disability Research Partnership Learnings and Recommendations report.

Read the report here:

The report has been developed based on feedback from the disability community and a range of other stakeholders who have contributed during our Establishment Phase. It includes recommendations to the Australian Government about how the NDRP could work when it is launched in 2023.

This is an important milestone as we move closer to the start of the NDRP, a collaborative and inclusive disability research program in Australia.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and ideas during the development of the report. We will soon be sharing this report widely, along with governance recommendations and an early research agenda. Keep an eye out for updates from late November or subscribe to our newsletter.

Some questions and answers

What’s in the report?

The report includes information on:

  • The NDRP Guiding Principles

  • Governance: who should run the NDRP and how?

  • Commitment to research done by and with people with disability

  • A preliminary NDRP research agenda

  • How the NDRP will fund research

  • How the NDRP will help build research capacity

  • How the NDRP will share new knowledge

  • Community of practice: how the NDRP will bring people together

  • Communication: how we will tell people about the NDRP and listen and learn from others.

Who wrote this report?

The NDRP Working Party wrote this report, as part of the National Disability Research Partnership project led by the Melbourne Disability Institute at the University of Melbourne and funded by the Department of Social Services.

Who was consulted as part of this report?

The NDRP Working Party reached out to the disability community for advice and feedback, which has informed this report.

We heard from people with disability, their families, caregivers and supporters, researchers, Disabled People’s Organisations, advocacy groups, peak bodies, service providers business and governments about how best to set up and run a National Disability Research Partnership.

The Working Party is made up of advocates, academics and independent advisors. Six of the 13 members have a disability.

When will the NDRP be established?

The NDRP will be established in early to mid 2023. See what's next for more information about NDRP phases.

You can also read our FAQs about the NDRP.

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